Pasta play with silicon cake moulds.

SAFETY: I was supervising this the whole time. When he shoved a whole fistful of pasta in his mouth at once, I sat him up to chew and swallow. I also left the dried pasta in a bottle, to avoid risk of choking.


  • Warm cooked pasta
  • Cold cooked pasta with green food colouring
  • Dried pasta in an empty drinks bottle


These moulds are a firm favourite for teething. When combined with three types of past (warm/ cold/ dried) I had a very happy boy.

Our activities need to be taste-safe with this one now… you can see why! He enjoyed chewing the moulds and sucking and nibbling on the pasta.

He also loved face planting in the pasta, that really made him giggle.

Look at the concentration.

DfES Outcomes for EYFS (2013)

Physical development

Moving and handling (Birth to 11 months)

• Turns head in response to sounds and sights.

• Gradually develops ability to hold up own head.

• Makes movements with arms and legs which gradually become more controlled.

• When lying on tummy becomes able to lift first head and then chest, supporting self with forearms and then straight arms.

• Reaches out for, touches and begins to hold objects.

• Explores objects with mouth, often picking up an object and holding it to the mouth.