Activities to learn
through play

2 Plus C is a collection of activities that document and share how you can discover, learn and have fun through play with your child

Open ended play that fuels your child’s self esteem and concentration

Activities that develop the confidence to become an independent learner and thinker

Invitations to play that stimulate their imagination and aptitude to solve interesting problems

Baby Activities

Baby play activities involving sensory exploration of ‘everyday items’ that stimulate innovation, creativity and imagination as your baby discovers how the objects can be used.

Toddler Activities

Toddler activities that enhance a child’s critical thinking, brain development and language development, allowing them to build towards more complex learning tasks in the future.

Early Years Activities

Activities for three to five year olds that support your child’s development in a range of different subjects, including early reading skills with phonics play and early maths skills.

Key Stage 1 Activities

Building on the skills developed in Early Years, the activities for Key Stage 1 (age five to seven) build confidence in these areas without losing the element of play.