I’m Siân, a primary teacher and now mum to three boys aged 7, 5 and 2. We’ve created a collection of activities that document how we discover, learn, and have fun through play.

Given the freedom to explore and imagine, children will discover the world around them, develop physically and intellectually, and gain confidence. This is why I don’t heavily plan the activities on the website, and the majority are play ideas devised by the boys.

Open-ended play allows children to express their creativity freely. Unlike closed-ended games, there is no “right” answer or way to complete and finish the project. This kind of play allows your child endless possibilities to make their own decisions and fully engage their creativity and imagination during playtime.

Whilst children are seemingly ‘just’ having fun, they are busy learning. To support this, I’ve included the National Curriculum Objectives at the end of each Key Stage 1 activity, and for the younger ages, I have included the Early Learning Goals.


At the time of writing this (April 2021), we’ve just finished our second round of home schooling.

The more recent posts supported their home learning, so they may have more specific objectives in mind than we would typically have. If this is the case, I’ve tried not to lose the element of play.