I tried (and failed) to use this bead rollercoaster to get Cian to sit. His brothers would sit and play with this toy by 7 months. This monkey will just not sit.


  • Ikea ‘Mula’ bead roller coaster


Even though his brothers put out his cushions to help him sit comfortably, Cian lasted about 3 seconds in the sitting position. Then in a swift roll he moved straight from sitting on to his tummy.

He enjoys rolling from front to back. Instead of worrying about his lack of sitting practice, I’m just happy to finally have a baby that enjoys tummy time!

DfES Outcomes for EYFS (2013)

Physical development

Moving and handling (Birth to 11 months)

• Turns head in response to sounds and sights.

• Gradually develops ability to hold up own head.

• Makes movements with arms and legs which gradually become more controlled.

• Rolls over from front to back, from back to front.

• When lying on tummy becomes able to lift first head and then chest, supporting self with forearms and then straight arms.

  • Watches and explores hands and feet, e.g. when lying on back lifts legs into vertical position and grasps feet.

• Reaches out for, touches and begins to hold objects.

• Explores objects with mouth, often picking up an object and holding it to the mouth.