It’s true that Christmas is much more exciting with young children. But with that also comes some complications. Last year our two month old loved lying under the tree, looking at the decorations and the sparkling lights. Our tree was beautifully bottom heavy, where our three year old had hung around 6 decorations on each lower branch.

This year Cian is an active 14 month old, who has some real talent for stealing decorations and toppling Christmas trees.

Our Christmas tree is now a complete reversal of last year. It has to have all it’s decorations on the top half, out of reach of our toddler. We also had to tie a dog gate to the tuff tray stand to stop him knocking the tree over. As you can see, Cian wasn’t too impressed by his restricted access.

To try and replace his decoration obsession, we hung some of his wooden rings on the tree at his level, so that he had something to remove safely and easily. Cian would remove them all, put them in a saucepan, then hang them back up. He also kept adding his toothbrush to the Christmas tree.

When we took the tree guard down, we attempted to recreate last year’s picture. I had to place snacks round the base of the tree to get Cian to crawl underneath the tree.

We then got out some of Cian’s toys that had been put away on toy rotation, to distract him in another room while we packed the decorations away.