Cian was keen to get involved with this unit on, ‘time’. He started off by ordering underpants by the day of the week. Next, Ioan and Finny looked at sorting the months of the year by the number of days they had.

Butterfly problem solving

As our third butterfly emerged this morning, we had to link this to time. Cian was responsible for the naming our caterpillars/chrysalides/butterflies!

How much longer did Pillar take to harden in to a chrysalis.

To work this out, Ioan needed to know that there were 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour.

How much longer did Dr. Xand take to become Keith?

Ioan and Finny always watch their videos back to check that they are happy with their workings out and answers. When watching the questions above, they spotted that they had recorded their units in their answers as seconds, when they should have been minutes.

They worked out that to turn their answers into seconds, they would have had to multiply by 60 again.

Butter, Fly and Keith.

DfES Outcomes for EYFS and National Curriculum (2013)

Numeracy Year 4 programme of study


  • solve problems involving converting from hours to minutes; minutes to seconds; years to months; weeks to days.