This past few months has been busy to say the least. In September, our eldest son started school and turned 5. Meanwhile, our second son started preschool and celebrated his 3rd birthday. We also welcomed our third (and final) son into the world. All within the first 5 weeks of term!

After two years of photographing for 365 projects, I want to give the boys a break from being in front of the camera daily. Instead of making them the subjects, I’ve decided to focus on documenting their play.

This is partly to keep me accountable. Having just returned to the newborn phase, it would be easy for their play to stagnate. It is also a way to fulfil a promise I made to my father-in-law, who left me his camera and asked me to photograph the boys.

Their play is constantly evolving and I will try to document the process, as and when they are happy for me to do so.