Ioan reminded me of the carrot twist, read and spell activity he did with Finny a few years ago. He was keen to set this up for Cian, who is fascinated with sounding out and trying to read words at the moment.


  • Carrot containers from B&M/plastic Easter eggs
  • Whiteboard and pen

‘ap’ words

Cici had to twist the lid of the carrot around and read the CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words that were created. If you don’t have any carrot shaped containers then plastic Easter eggs work just as well.

‘an’ words

After Cian read, or sounded out, each word. He also gave me his definition of the word, so I could check his comprehension.

‘am’ words

When we were done, Cics lay himself down and happily kept going by himself. He asked if we could add another set of words and suggested the ‘am’ sound as he could think of lots of examples of words to use.

He sounded out the words below, writing them in the air with his finger, to make sure I knew what to write on the carrot.

DfES Early Learning Goals (2017)


ELG 09 – Reading:

Children read and understand simple sentences. They use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud accurately. They also read some common irregular words. They demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read.

ELG 10 – Writing:

Children use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds.