Finn enjoyed a word hunt prepared by Ioan. He used words with ‘or’ in them.


  • Card
  • Coloured pencils
  • Scissors


Ioan cut the card into pieces, then wrote an ‘or’ word on one, with the corresponding picture on another.

Finn hunted for the cards that Ioan had hidden around the garden. Ioan had him crawling through tunnels, going down the slide and bouncing on the trampoline, making it a great activity for gross motor skills.

Then Ioan helped him match the pictures to the words.

There’s nothing Ioan loves more than teaching his brothers.

DfES Early Learning Goals (2017)

Physical development

ELG 04 – Moving and handling:

Children show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space.


ELG 09 – Reading:

Children read and understand simple sentences. They use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud accurately.