Cian (4 this week) set this animal world up for Finny and called him over to see.

Cici proudly showed Finny the different animals and how each different breed of animal had their own scarf. Finny tried to put the raccoon family (red panda and racoons) on the red scarf, but Cian’s very ordered mind had a different idea of who should live there and he couldn’t envisage the racoons in their home.

He showed me how a gorilla pounds it’s chest. I never get tired of his monkey call impression.

As always, Cian doesn’t like to do something for one of his brothers and not the other. So, he got to work building a dinosaur scarf world for Ioan.

Cics enjoyed showing Ioan the different dinosaurs, then his favourite activity is always matching the baby dinosaurs up with the adults.

Ioan and Finny are very good and even if they had planned to do other things, they always take the time to play with Cian when he’s set up the toys for them.

Ioan’s play tends to be more literal, which Cian very much approves of.

Finny was mixing creatures from both the dinosaurs and animal worlds. Here the plesiosaurus was carrying around the baby brown bear, which Cian found a but more stressful.

Cian was delighted to have Ioan and Finny playing alongside him.

Finally, not content with all the animals and dinosaurs in the world he had built, Cian decided that he should bring the insects and minibeasts in too.

Cian was very attentive to his brothers, making sure they were having fun with the activity he had set up for them. Finny was more than happy in his own world of imaginative play, but Cian suggested Ioan might want to build an insect house.

DfES Early Learning Goals (2017)

Communication and language

ELG 03 – Speaking:

Children express themselves effectively, showing awareness of listeners’ needs. They use past, present and future forms accurately when talking about events that have happened or are to happen in the future. They develop their own narratives and explanations by connecting ideas or events.

Personal, social and emotional development

ELG 08 – Making relationships:

Children play co-operatively, taking turns with others. They take account of one another’s ideas about how to organise their activity. They show sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings, and form positive relationships with adults and other children.

Expressive arts and design

ELG 17 – Being imaginative:

Children use what they have learnt about media and materials in original ways, thinking about uses and purposes. They represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through design and technology, art, music, dance, role-play and stories.