When it gets to the end of the day and they’re tired, we struggle to fit in spelling practice. We decided to start practising spellings in the morning instead. Now after breakfast and before playing, Ioan spends a few minutes going through the list that is sent home from school.


  • Easel (either chalk board or whiteboard)
  • Chalk or dry erase pens
  • Paper
  • Clips or pegs


At the start of the week, Ioan writes his weekly spellings on the roll of paper, checks the spellings and corrects any mistakes.

He then folds the paper up to hide the words, clipping it at the top of the easel.

Each morning he will keep the words covered while he writes the words on the easel, then open up the paper to check his spellings.

Once he’s checked his spellings, he then hides the words again. If there were any mistakes he has another attempt, if they were all correct he wipes the board clean, ready to have another go the next morning