After working on their hand washing technique, I decided to give them a visual representation of soap and germs.


  • Bowl of milk
  • Pepper
  • Dirty fingers
  • Hand soap


We filled a bowl with milk and grated some black pepper on top.

We imagined that the pepper was some germs.

First, Ioan went and wiped his finger on the patio outside to make sure it was nice and dirty.

Then he dipped in to the milk and pepper mixture. In his own words: “Nothing much happened.”

Next he put soap on his finger and dipped it in again. The ‘germs’ moved away from the soap.

Unfortunately the video cut out, before we had time to capture the full effect, so we took a picture instead.

This was his understanding of what had happened.

As long as they had the take away message that, “Soap gets rid of germs.” I was happy.