Ioan and Finn discovered that some frogs can jump 55 times their length. That is the equivalent of a grown man jumping the length of a football field. They wanted to measure how far they can jump.


  • Tape measure
  • Frog toys


We walked to the park to work on some frog jumps.

Ioan went first. He did a frog jump, starting from the stick. Then he put a frog by his heel.

Finn went next, then we compared their jumps.

They used the tape measure to measure their jumps. Ioan had jumped 77cm and Finn 76cm.

Cian enjoyed spinning the dial of the tape measure around, then took it for a walk.

We encouraged Cian to jump, but he wasn’t interested. Until he got on to the bridge below, then intentionally jumped off it, falling head first into the nettles.

Numeracy Year 1 programme of study

Number – measurements

  • compare, describe and solve practical problems for lengths and heights [for example, long/short, longer/shorter, tall/short, double/half]
  • measure and begin to record lengths and heights

Pupils move from using and comparing different types of quantities and measures using non-standard units, including discrete (for example, counting) measurement, to using manageable common standard units. In order to become familiar with standard measures, pupils begin to use measuring tools such as a ruler.