Finn was keen to make the biggest rainbow to go in our window. I said he had to work out how to make it by himself. As the king of messy play, it was no surprise that he chose to do rainbow footprints.


  • Large roll of paper
  • Poster paints
  • Bowl of soapy water


Finn decided to start with his second smallest rainbow arch, so that he could get the right shape with two footprints. He then filled in his smallest arch with one footprint before washing his feet in a bowl of soapy water.

He built up his footprints from there. Finn had the good idea to alternate which foot he used for each colour, so that while one foot was drying from being washed, the other could be doing footprints.

He loved this activity, especially the challenge of doing the rainbow colours in reverse order. He started chanting the colours backwards from violet to red.

Proud of his achievement:

DfES Early Learning Goals (2017)

Physical development

ELG 04 – Moving and handling:

Children show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space. They handle equipment and tools effectively.

Expressive arts and design

ELG 16 – Exploring and using media and materials:

Children safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function.