Throughout half term, his brothers have been stuffing circus scarves in all sorts of objects for Cian to pull free. These have ranged from toys to food containers, kitchen roll holders, egg boxes and now baby wipe packets.


  • Circus scarves
  • Shape sorter
  • Tissue box
  • Food containers
  • Kitchen roll holders
  • Egg boxes
  • Baby wipe packets


They’ve been going all week, but look how happy this still makes him. This was the scarf pull from a tissue box. I sat Cian in his bumbo as he is still a reluctant sitter.

At bed time, I let Cian pick something to play and he went for the scarf pull again. This time from a shape shorter. He sat for a few seconds while he played with the lid, then threw him self on to his tummy so he could roll around with the scarves.

He pulled all the scarves on top of him and was flapping his arms and kicking his legs, giggling and shrieking happily.

DfES Outcomes for EYFS (2013)

Communication and language

Listening and attention (Birth to 11 months)

• Turns towards a familiar sound then locates range of sounds with accuracy.

• Listens to, distinguishes and responds to intonations and sounds of voices.

• Reacts in interaction with others by smiling, looking and moving.

• Quietens or alerts to the sound of speech.


Speaking (Birth to 11 months)

• Makes own sounds in response when talked to by familiar adults.

• Practises and gradually develops speech sounds (babbling) to communicate with adults; says sounds like ‘baba, nono, gogo’.

Physical development

Moving and handling (Birth to 11 months)

• Turns head in response to sounds and sights.

• Gradually develops ability to hold up own head.

• Makes movements with arms and legs which gradually become more controlled.

• Rolls over from front to back, from back to front.

• When lying on tummy becomes able to lift first head and then chest, supporting self with forearms and then straight arms.

  • Watches and explores hands and feet, e.g. when lying on back lifts legs into vertical position and grasps feet.

• Reaches out for, touches and begins to hold objects.

• Explores objects with mouth, often picking up an object and holding it to the mouth.

Personal, social and emotional development

Self-confidence and self-awareness (Birth to 11 months)

• Laughs and gurgles, e.g. shows pleasure at being tickled and other physical interactions.

• Uses voice, gesture, eye contact and facial expression to make contact with people and keep their attention.

Managing feelings and behaviour (Birth to 11 months)

  • Shows a range of emotions such as pleasure, fear and excitement.

Making relationships (Birth to 11 months)

• Enjoys the company of others and seeks contact with others from birth.

• Responds when talked to, for example, moves arms and legs, changes facial expression, moves body and makes mouth movements.

• Recognises and is most responsive to main carer’s voice: face brightens, activity increases when familiar carer appears.