When Cian was younger, we did tummy time with fairy lights. Now that he is teething and starting to put everything in his mouth, we have stopped. We use a disco ball and light show instead. He still gets to enjoy the lights, without the risk of him chewing a wire!


  • Disco ball
  • Ladybird light show


I start off by lying Cian on his tummy next to the disco ball, where he will happily watch the lights. We usually do tummy time in the tee-pee, because that is his space.

To encourage him to strengthen his head control, his supportive big brothers help out. Ioan raises the disco ball, encouraging Cian to lift his head off the mat. Finn will then turn on the light show and shake a rattle to the other side, getting him to turn his head. They usually whoop and cheer encouragement, much to Cian’s delight.

When Cian has tired on his tummy, we often move him to the bumbo. Once he is sittting, we usually turn on some music, so Cian can enjoy the lights (and the boy’s dance moves) for a bit longer.

DfES Outcomes for EYFS (2013)

Physical development

Moving and handling (Birth to 11 months)

• Turns head in response to sounds and sights.

• Gradually develops ability to hold up own head.

• When lying on tummy becomes able to lift first head and then chest, supporting self with forearms and then straight arms.